What is YOUR Super Power?

by: Karol Smith on

Professional Drivers Super Power

It’s been said that common sense is so uncommon these days it could be considered a super power. Being a top-notch professional driver in today’s rapidly evolving world also involves possessing a few super powers. Worsening congestion and ever-increasing time pressures take a huge toll on professional drivers and they need every advantage they can get.

Safety Directors should look for drivers who possess some of these super skills, or strive to develop them in drivers who may need improvement. What are some of the best driver superpowers?

  1. Being Super Cool. The ability to remain cool, calm and collected in chaotic environments such as intense traffic conditions, messed up loads and working with other people who are out of control.
  2. Having Super Seeing Skills. The ability to see and predict the moves and responses of others in traffic situations, being 10 steps ahead of the rest of those on the road
  3. Having Super Decision-Making Skills. The ability to read a wide variety of conditions, rapidly diagnose the proper responses and make the correct decisions given an infinite variety of changing road and weather conditions.
  4. Protecting Others: The ability to protect the lives of others on the road by making the types of decisions that protect others, even when those others don’t seem to care about their own lives.
  5. Seeing the Future: The ability to anticipate the unexpected and to have the knowledge and skills to properly react when the unexpected inevitably arises.
  6. Controlling enormous force and energy: Keeping an 80,000+ lb. vehicle under control, upright and connected to the roadway at all times.
  7. Ability to coordinate and control the electronic maze: Safely juggling and staying on top of a myriad of electronic devices every day.

Drivers who have these super skills are those who will earn million-mile safe driving achievements and enjoy long, safe careers. The more of these skills a driver has, the better. And the best part is that anyone can develop them and make them their own.

Leo Hughes, CDS, ARM
Sr. Safety Representative
Great West Casualty Company