Safety is our top priority throughout our organization. All of our drivers, operating on the road, are highly trained professionals. We personally train each driver to ensure they are operating in compliance at all times. Each driver operates as if their family is traveling next to them as they operate.  Our goal is to safely deliver the freight to our customers and our fleet of drivers’ home every night to their families.

Safety Training

Each driver is personally trained in all of the regulations required to operate a CMV, from the Code of Federal Regulations to each BarOle Safety Policy, every driver is trained and tested on their knowledge. We take training very seriously at BarOle Trucking.  From our Owner Operators and our Company Drivers, to our Office and Mechanical staff, our employees and contractors are educated and highly prepared to deliver superior service.

Weekly Newsletter

In an effort to continue our driver’s knowledge, we communicate with our fleet via the BarOle News. Drivers are educated in upcoming changes to regulation, our service partners, a weekly safety highlight and any other important communications to ensure seamless communication. We recognize our Safe Drivers and anniversaries in this communication as well. Our Fleet of Operators and Drivers are very important to us; this is a small token to show them how much. .

Policy and Procedure Certification

Each contractor and employee driver is required to attend orientation as a requirement to operate for BarOle Trucking, Inc. Our orientation covers each BarOle Operating Policy, FMCSA Regulation training, Hazardous Cargo Safe Transport with testing to ensure their knowledge. Each driver is required meet FMCSA requirements in order to operate for BarOle Trucking, Inc.